True Transparency - Local and Quick Closing!

We called our local banker, who we have worked with for the past 25years, and they offered us 2.875% - 30year fixed rate and $8,800 in closing cost. I contacted Affordable Terms Mortgage LLC ( a friend referred) and was provided a qoute immediatly and was encouraged to shop around! Whoever says that! I went back to my local bank to get another qoute. Affordable Terms Mortgage closing cost were $4,000.00 CHEAPER and the interest rate I received at my local bank was higher by .875. Instead of a 30 year fixed, and after explaining our long term plans to Affordable Terms Mortgage, the loan originator suggested a 15 year fixed at 1.99%. My payment would be the same as I was currently paying and I'd cut the terms in half! I've always been loyal to my bank but this qoute was to good to pass up! We applied on 9/03 and signed the papers on Saturday, September 19th - closing cost of $4,800.00 for 15 year fixed at 1.99% and NO appraisel! We signed and closed in 16 days from start to finish. I AM A BELIEVER! I trust Affordable Terms Mortgage LLC.

 OL and SL / Oregon City ~ September 2020

We completed a rate and term refianance in 15 days! No appraisal needed. Quick turn time! Even the Broker was Available to answer questions and the lowest interest rates in Oregon we have ever seen! Great Team, Great Hours and Excellent service!

C. Swanson / Portland, Oregon ~ May 2020

A big THANK YOU to Affordable Terms Mortgage for your fantastic work on our refinnance process. You were very effient and cordial thoughout the entire process and we appreciate Affordable Terms Morgage! Refinance closed in 19 days. We had gone to anotherlender and 3 months had passed and nothing! After a referrak from a friend we applied and the end results were fantastic!

In Gratitude,

R & A Kampe