• 			    No matter what type of loan you need, we're with you every step of the way.

    No matter what type of loan you need, we're with you every step of the way.

  • 			    The PERFECT HOME is waiting for you -- let us find you the perfect loan to go with it.

    The PERFECT HOME is waiting for you -- let us find you the perfect loan to go with it.

  • 			    Let Affordable Terms Mortgage be the stepping stone to the home of your dreams.

    Let Affordable Terms Mortgage be the stepping stone to the home of your dreams.

  • 			    REFINANCING is easy with our  licensed loan originators help.

    REFINANCING is easy with our  licensed loan originators help.

Program Rate / APR
30 Year Fixed 3.99% / 4.198%
15 Year Fixed 3.25% / 3.301%
30 Year Fixed 4.125% / 4.223%
15 Year Fixed 3.375% / 3.468%
30 Year Fixed 4% / 4.098%
15 Year Fixed 3.625% / 3.699%
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WE ARE Proud to be LOCAL! 

Located in the Beautiful Pacific NW in the Portland Metro Area in Oregon. ATM ONLY ORIGINATES MORTGAGE LOANS IN OREGON. We thrive on educating our clients! YOUR success  and satisfaction is our passion! Our Loan Officer is looking forward to meeting you! Anytime and Anywhere! 


Calculate your own mortgage, interest rates for purchase, refinance, cash-out refinance and many other mortgage needs! It's SIMPLE and self guided!
We are Partnered with the #1 Mortgage Lender in the USA!

Loan Programs

Explore various loan program options for fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. Purchase, Refinance, Cashout Refinance, 2nd Home,
Investment, Home Improvement and VA. Build your portfolio! Typically in the Winter new Home purchases, 2nd homes or investment properties prices are down! Take advantage of this off season purchasing! WE CLOSE IN 14 to 21 DAYS Because we are LOCAL and Hands on every file. No sending to a processor, all done in house right here in OREGON!

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Introduce yourself and let us know you have applied! We will get RIGHT ON IT and get you your approval within an hour and a letter too! 

Today's Pricing as of Friday February 21st: 2:56PM
Pricing IMPROVES pricing changes daily - each scenario is different.                 Call for a free, no obligation Loan Estimate! 

Pricing based on a scenerio purchase price of : $484,350.00
20% down payment - Loan amount of: $388,270.00 
15 Year Fixed Rate Pricing:

3.625% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $2,793.88 -  REBATE -$5,238.73 APR: 3.639%
3.500% MONTHLY PAYMENT- $2,770.03 - REBATE -$3,312.95 APR: 3.601%
3.375% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $2,746.31- REBATE -$1,518.92 APR: 3.410%
30 Year Fixed Rate Pricing
4.125% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $1,877.93 REBATE-$3,715.93 APR: 4.139%
4.000% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $1,849.89 REBATE -$1,968.40 APR: 4.201%
3.990% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $1,847.66 REBATE -$1,019.07 APR: 4.103%

According to Mortgage News Daily, we may expect lower rates later today because of economic “disappointment” in Europe. That often leads overseas investors to purchase US bonds and mortgage-backed securities (MBS), causing their prices to rise and rates to fall.

Closing costs vary from county to county in Oregon. Please call and speak to a loan officer Nicole Davis at: 503.453.2405 Available 24/7  
FYI: Lender Rebates off-set Closing Costs!
Multiply the lender rebate by the loan amount equals the rebate the lender contributes to your closing costs!

Affordable Terms Mortgage takes great pride to honestly educate the First Time Home Buyer on the process of purchasing a New Home without a charge or fee! Call today and let one of our licensed and experiance loan officers guide you step by step into your new home purchase.  

Welcome to the official website of Affordable Terms Mortgage LLC. We are a full service LOCAL mortgage Broker partnered with the #1 Lender in the USA!  based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 21 years experiance. We specialize in Affordable Conventional Mortgage Loans in the Portland Metro Area and all surrounding counties in Oregon. Whether you are buying a home or refinancing ANYWHERE IN OREGON,  AFFORDABLE TERMS MORTGAGE will help you realize your dream of home ownership and work hard to help educate you through the process. If you refinancing to put more cash into your wallet, making home improvements,  lowering your monthly mortgage debt or consolidating credit card debt, we would love to help you SAVE MONEY!   The process is simple and quick.   Credit is not pulled until you have completed the full online application and have spoken with a licensed loan originator from Affordable Terms Mortgage LLC. and have reviewed your closing estimate and are 100% committed to following through. We value your time and it is important that you have accurate information!

Current time lines 
Purchase closings 12-30 days - Refinance 21-30 days! 

Open 9 am to 9 pm Every Day! YES - Even Saturday and Sunday!

Realistic Hours for Realistic People! 

A Convenient LOCAL Mortgage Broker! 

We are committed to meeting your needs! 


We offer a wide range of refinance options that are designed to best meet the needs of our borrowers. If you're looking for cash out, or to get a better interest rate and term, Affordable Terms Mortgage will assist you. We offer the following Loan Programs:

Conventional | JUMBO | FHA Streamline | USDA Streamline | FHA  | HELOC | Commercial 

What makes Affordable Terms Mortgage LLC unique? Appointments at your home, office or public setting. We also offer great niche programs for all types of properties. Programs For Non conforming, STATED, VA, FHA, Streamline, Programs with 3 1/2 % Down Payment, Investment properties, Vacation Home, Duplex, TriPlex, Variable Arm Programs, Lender Paid Broker Fee, Cash-out Refinance, Rate and Term 10-15-20-25-27-30 YRS and Bank Statement Loans.

Contact Affordable Terms Mortgage LLC today to discuss your mortgage loan options, and find out which loan program will match your dream of home ownership or debt consolidation! 

disclosure: CREDIT IS NOT PULLED UNTIL A COMPLETED LOAN APPLICATION HAS BEEN RECIEVED AND REVIEWED AND WITH VERBAL OR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE APPLICANT. All loan applicants must meet and satisfy all underwriting conditional guidelines for full approval and PRIOR to funding.